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  5. "Le requin est un animal."

"Le requin est un animal."

Translation:The shark is an animal.

March 1, 2013



Polish was my first language so I was glad to be able to recognize 'requin' as 'rekin' because that's 'shark' in Polish, I love making these small ties within different languages.


Do I have to use "the" before shark? why?

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Same question. In English, using "the" in this sentence is really bizarre. This particular shark is an animal while the rest of them are not? "A shark is an animal" would be far more meaningful. Is it any different in French?


One doesn't elide between 'est' and 'un"? Don't pronouce the 't' of 'est'?


It's an optional liaison, generally pronounced in formal contexts (higher registers) but less so in contemporary informal contexts, so both are acceptable. This page has more info: http://french.about.com/library/pronunciation/bl-liaisons-o.htm


Hmm I'm not so good in english, But is it ok to say "the shark is a animal"?


It isn't proper. So no. Use an if the following word starts with a vowel sound, and a if it starts with a consonant sound.


please someone tell me how to pronounce requin.


Something like "reca" but with a nasal sound at the end.


oh thank you.


I put an and they said I put and


Why is this lesson so centered on animals? Wolves eating hens, whales eating wolves, etc. It's so boring. We need more vocabulary. Translate: "Maigret dépouillait paresseusement son courrier en jetant parfois un coup d'œil par la fenêtre." Or, at least, vocab relating to French food - not pizzas. I would never eat a pizza in France - it's sacrilegious.

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