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Official Unofficial Duolingo Discord™

Hello there all Duolinguists. I am here once again for my monthly repost to Duolingo to educate you all on the existance of the Official Unofficial Duolingo Discord. So, last June, I created a Discord server for all Duolingo learners alike to get together and discuss language learning, and practice their speaking as a community. For those of you who don't know what Discord is, it is an application and website which allows you to voice chat and type/text with users in real time. The Official Unofficial Duolingo Discord is currently the biggest Duolingo Discord Server in existance with 795 Members at the very moment (Around 250-300 Active Members). Over the 10 months it has been around, the Official Unofficial Duolingo Discord (OUDD) has accumulated a very friendly community. There are tons of people, learners, just like you who would love to discuss language learning with you. Not to mention, we have 9 Friendly Staff Members who would be more than glad to assist you with any problems you may have during your experience.

Wondering what all of our features are? Let me list a few below!

-Unique level system.

-The ability to choose which language chatrooms you'd like to see.

-Bots with games such as Rock Paper Scissors, and an 8 Ball Feature!

-A chatroom that lets you post which languages you speak Natively/Fluently, and request assistance with help learning a language.

-A room that allows you to post a picture of your golden owl certificates and get special roles for completing trees.

-Fair rules that are easy to follow.

-A google document with over 11 Pages of information to help you get started on the server.

Miss your activity streams? Well don't be sad any longer! Discord is an excellent alternative. You get to type to people just like before, but you can also VOICE CHAT with people! :D

Sound like something that interests you! I will supply you all with 2 links below. The first is the link to join our Discord server, and the 2nd is the link to the google doc in which contains all of the useful information about Discord, the server, how to join language chatrooms, and much more!

Link to join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/G2kpndH

Link to the Google Document with Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PHQNa-yYufIgOG4cSH3YZvuFd9Rj58lLunTPAmOnChc/edit?usp=sharing

Hope to see you all there! :D

April 25, 2017



I'm an introvert and not a fan of voice chatting (plus I hate my voice); would it be weird if I just used the text-based messaging?


I am the creator of the server, and I have never once used the voice chat. Nobody judges me. Not weird at all, I get you completely. Hate my voice as well. :)


Thanks a lot :) I'll definitely see about doing this. I hope some people I know here do it, but I guess if not maybe I can get to know some others. Thanks for hosting an alternative to the streams.


No problem. Glad I've convinced you. :)


I would definitely recommend ItsLeAshton's server as I have been a member there for quite a while. And don't worry about not wanting to do voice chats, I've used discord a long time and have never used it, in fact I wouldn't use it if you paid me. ;) Beside pretty much everyone just texts anyway.


Yeah, it's sort of a meme on our server how the Voice chats are rarely used by anybody.


I always offer to talk with anyone that asks lol.


Joined. Thanks for the setting this up.


My pleasure. Thank you for giving it a try. :)


Well, looks like I'll finally have to get Discord. Thank you for the repost; this is the first time I've seen it.


No problem. Thanks for showing your interest! :)


That sounded interesting, but the Google Document convinced me that it's nothing for me. I can't read grey text on black background.


Do you mean like in the chat rooms? If thats what you're talking about, you can change the theme and background colors from your settings.


Oh, thank you. Then i might give it a try.


Hey, could i get a new link pls??


I have a problem. i got banned for no reason???? please contact me my discord is ImAnimating#5224

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