"Așa îți faci tu slujba?"

Translation:So this is how you do your job?

April 25, 2017

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What is exactly the meaning of the verb "a îi face"?


When the reflexive genitive/dative pronoun (îmi, îți, își, vă, ne) is used with a verb that requires an accusative object, it implies the object is owned by the subject.

I simpler terms, "îți" in the sentence above means the job is owned by the person you're talking to. You could also say "Așa tu faci slujba ta?", but that seems less natural.

You could also use this in other sentences like "îmi spăl mașina" (i'm washing my car) or "și-a pierdut cheile" (he/she lost his/her keys).

I hope that makes sense


Where's the "so" coming from in this sentence? I'd have read this is as "is this how you do your job?"


Așa = So. Așa este = It is so. Așa și așa = So, so.


slujba? Nu este învechit? Poate ne puteți spune ceva un nativ despre asta


Am auzit "slujba" des în România.


This is and is this should both be accepted


I don't understand why "So is this how you do your job" has any different meaning to what Duo marks as correct

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