"The region has many rivers."

Translation:Regiunea are multe râuri.

April 25, 2017

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Is there a difference between fluvii and râuri? Is a râu bigger than a fluviu?


There's a little difference, "fluviu" is a bigger river, than "râu". "Fluviu" is used with very large rivers, like Amazonas, Nilus, Congo.


The dex defines a "fluviu" as a big river that ends in either a sea or an ocean. The Romanian wikipedia page for it pretty much agrees and has "Main stem" as its corresponding English article (a term I've never heard of)


According to this definition the Missouri is a rau because it ends in the Mississippi fluviu. Is it correct?


âu is a fun sound combination to master.


Duolingo gives no information regarding the geography of said river so either term should be accepted if it is used correcting in the sentence. Unless we are supplied with a visual of the river in question!


So the "Dunărea" than should be a fluviu, shouldn't it? And the "Timiș"ore the "Mureș" is a râu. But what's a little river, like in the mountains for example the "Caraș"? Is it also a râu, if it's so small, that you can cross it without a bridge?


If its a small river (creek) it will be called a “pârâu“

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