"Die Farbe der Produkte ist grün."

Translation:The color of the products is green.

April 25, 2017

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How is this plural? Shouldn't it be die Produkte?


die Produkte is nominative or accusative plural.

This sentence has der Produkte “of the products”, genitive plural.


The color of the products is green. - as for being a plural form, the correct way to write this would be "The color of the products are green", wouldn't it?


No, just as we do not say "the father of the boys are sixty years old", for example.

The subject is singular -- die Farbe, "the colour".

The products are not the subject.


It is only one color for all products. They are green hence their color is green. The singular verb form is correct here as far as I can evaluate that.


I am with you on that. It doesnt make much sense mixing things like that.


Why does Duo not let us repeat a not correct recording, until we pronounce the sentence correctly? Isn't it the purpose of these audios?


The audio system does not work here. That's too bad.


This means: Die Produkte sind grün.


Is “The products are green” also a valid translation?


It shouldn't be. That has almost the same meaning but it leaves out "Die Farbe" - "The color".


Doesn't sound like grün at all


Duo also accepts "Die Farbe des Produkte ist grün." - reported.


I tried: The product colors are green; The product color is green; Can someone please tell me where I'm wrong?


In England we spell 'colour' with a U, can't believe this got rejected


In England we spell 'colour' with a U

Right. And "colour" is accepted alongside "color".

can't believe this got rejected

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