"I am not a dancer or a choreographer."

Translation:Eu nu sunt dansator sau coregraf.

April 25, 2017

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for occupations we don't add "the/a/an"? If I say like this in the sentence? Or I could use them and not be seen as "noob"?


We never add the articles if no qualifiers/attributes present, unless you want to stress the "unknown" side, the anonymity, or uncertainty (it is not called "articol nehotărât" in vain :P). Adding them or not, with an attribute, is optional and it slightly change the nuance of the sentence. They are most of the time added in "poetical" forms where the attribute/adjective comes in front of the noun. compare, in order (all these are correct and common used forms): "El este avocat" (no article), "El este (un) avocat bun" (the article can be used), "El este un bun avocat" (it sounds odd without article). But we can say also "El este (doar) un (fel de) avocat" with the meaning more toward "He is (just) some (kind of) lawyer" (parenthesis can be present in any combination, with slightly different semantic)

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