"We're fine."

Translation:Sisi hatujambo.

April 25, 2017

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Can someone help me to conjugate this "jambo" of a thing, please?


Yep, it's a strange thing, the negative prefixes attached to the word for "thing", "matter", "affair".

(mimi) sijambo = I am fine
(wewe) hujambo = you (sg) are fine
(yeye) hajambo = s/he is fine
(sisi) hatujambo = we are fine
(ninyi) hamjambo = you (pl) are fine
(wao) hawajambo = they are fine


Great simplicity thks


Another clarification; for hajambo, duolingo said it can be used as a question as well, my question then being, is it like 'ca va' in french? And would it work for hawajambo as well? or like hamjambo?-hatujambo etc..


Yeah, the greetings with these phrases are basically a call-and-response, first a question, then an answer.

  • Hujambo? You don't have an issue? / Are you fine?
  • Sijambo. I don't have an issue. / I'm fine.

  • Hamjambo? You don't have an issue? / Are you fine?
  • Hatujambo. We don't have an issue. / We're fine.

  • Hajambo? S/he doesn't have an issue? / Is s/he fine?
  • Hajambo. S/he doesn't have an issue. / S/he's fine.

  • Hawajambo? They don't have an issue? / Are they fine?
  • Hawajambo. They don't have an issue. / They're fine.


I took a screenshot of your comments to memorise what each one means thanks a lot for the concise info!


Why "sisi ni poa/nzuri" cannot be used?


Wondering the same... sisi ni nzuri


We are fine Translate sisi ni nzuri aw Sisi hajambo Lakini sisi hatujambo We aren't fine


Can this be used as "no thanks, we're good"?

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