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Voting for translations

Yes, I vote for my own translations when there are 3 or less which seems to be how it works. I only do this when the others are obviously either incorrect, or just not good English (my native tongue), or not easily edited & into decent English & then submitted. I have sometimes just left a comment to the effect that none of the translations look good, including my own :) I don't know if these are read, are they? It's a bit frustrating that I can't move-on unless I approve something I can see to be incorrect.

Please don't think I am saying that my translations are the best. I assure in many cases they are not. Some Spanish sentences just confuse the heck out of me & fail to "click" no matter how hard I try. Then there's a great relief when someone has left a neat & tidy translation...Ahh!

March 1, 2013



I understand what you're describing here. Our team is currently working on translations. The updates will clarify what you're experiencing. We do take a look at the comments in the translations, so please keep including them :)


Hi Kristine, I'm new to Duolingo and like what I see. Now that I understand your reasons for creating this site, I want to faithfully translate texts, as I am an educated, native English speaker. There are so many translations of which I have been a part that have been (in my opinion) uploaded as "final translation" that are incorrect. One such translation was a Motorcycle Article and I accidentally hit the "return" key and then upon edit, it never took my edit and allowed a translation suggesting the author deserved to go out for an afternoon walk, when it would make more logical sense in context, that they meant to go out for an afternoon motorcycle ride, as this was their common recreational joy. Recently, I faithfully tried to correct one such translation and unknowing "offended" the original translator in the process. I suppose I didn't realize he would react in such a way apparently not fully comprehending the purpose of this site. Anyhow, here's what I wrote and thought I was forwarding this to Duolingo staff for review. "Why did I pick you?" Well, I saw you in the Discussion Stream and had not as of yet come across a member of the Duolingo team. I apologize if this is an inappropriate forum for which to communicate this sort of issue. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail, if that would indeed be more appropriate and helpful to you. Excerpt:

Dateless wrote to JTea Hi, I accept your correction: "alley cats" would have been a better translation. That said, judging someone's ability to speak English based on one sentence isn't wise. Remember that when we translate sentences on duolingo, we're often translating "blind," and so have no sense of context outside of the sentence we're translating. Had I been paying a bit more attention, I would probably have come up with "alley cats," but I wasn't, and I wasn't familiar with the term in French, so I went for a yesterdayCommentAwesome

JTea suggested an edit dateless’s translation All other cats, born of parents of different races, are called "gutter cats". jtea’s edit All other cats, born of parents of different races, are called "alley cats". SERIOUSLY?! No English speaker says, "gutter cat" lol, "alley cat" is the term we use. I am shocked at what gets "voted" the best translation - really? Ferrel cats (homeless or running-loose), or better yet, "mixed-breed cats" are proper English. In this article because of the use of 'gutter' I would translate 'alley' I hope this helps. You guys really need some sort of veto system out there or we native-speakers are going to stop helping you translate. ;)


Oh, and one of my attempted edits that didn't apparently take was my correction of the typo: "Ferrel" which should read: "feral" ...from other posts, I can see that you are working on the edits taking. Thanks Kristine, I look forward to hearing from you, John :)


First, thanks, John, for this detailed comment. I appreciate that. We need to work on communicating what we expect from members who are translating (something you are hinting at quite nicely). We are working on the scoring system, which will help. I'll update you with more details as they come :) And keep translating- it will get better!


:) I had one experience where my translation was chosen and uploaded as best, but initially your system came back to me with, "Oops! that doesn't look right!" lol ... I'll look forward to the updates and hopefully they correct some of the other little bugs here and there, but kudos not withstanding - thanks.

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