HiNative is a good place to ask language learning questions

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About a year ago, someone started a thread about HiNative. It's a nice little site - and as far as Esperanto learning goes, it seems to me that HiNative is an underutilized resource.

The format is simple. You post a question. People answer it.

Questions tend to be very basic - "how do you say 'dog' in Esperanto?", "does 'Mi lavis dufoje miajn manojn' sound natural?" There are templates for asking questions. Answers from self-identified experts are marked differently. I check the site for questions periodically. (I have been meaning to set a reminder to check it at certain times - so maybe now's a good time for me to do that.)

It has a really nice feature that it allows voice questions and voice answers, so if you'd like to hear the answer, this is a great place to ask for that. (I love giving voice answers!)

With the "activity stream" in limbo on Duolingo, now might be a good time to check it out. If you post a question to "discuss this sentence", why not paste the same question (with the sentence you're asking about) over at HiNative?

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