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"Cristo de los Faroles"

Anyone know what this means? I could not find it in any dictionary. It was in a translation about Reese Witherspoon from the web in the "Questions" section. The best I could come up with was "a nobody in the spotlight"??

March 22, 2012



I think it means Christ of the Lanterns. I peeked a bit on wiki and it appears to be sculpture in Cordoba Spain by Juan Navarro Leon (1794). Of course I have no idea if this coincides with the translation you were working on.


Thanks. But, I think it must be an idiom. Cristo also is used in reference to "kicking up a fuss" ("armar un Cristo") and nobody (ni Cristo). Farol is also used in reference to "bragging (tirarse un farol) and to hurry up (adelante con los faroles!" as well as streetlight & lanterns, etc. The Reese Witherspoon translation in part refers to the announcement of her engagement to a new guy and her breakup with her former husband. In the translation her former husband was ... "acabó como el Cristo de los Faroles" - "finished like Christ of the Lanterns"?

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