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Pronunciation in English for speakers of other languages

I'm reporting this here because I generally do the reverse tree (for me) through a Kindle Fire and don't have access to the report a problem or discussion stream. In the lugares skill, reforzar, one of the sentences starts with We live ...... It is pronounced as We /laiv/ as in live performance. I don't know if this occurs elsewhere, but it probably should be checked.

Also, the voice is still very blurry. Either drunk, just been to the dentist, or very sleepy. Not terrific for non-English speakers trying to learn to understand normal English.

March 16, 2014



The live/laiv problem exists in the Dutch-->English course as well. I have done more than half of the tree and think I have only heard it the wrong way, never the correct way.

There is also a problem with read (as in the present or the past tense of the verb) in this course: It is always pronounced as the present, even if the sentence is in the paste tense.

(I have reported these every time I have come across them.)

[deactivated user]

    Strange one. Are they non native speakers, or avid viewers of East Enders? :P I jest :D I quite fancy having a go at that. I'll have a look around and see what, if anything, needs to be done on my part. :D

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