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A small problem with course


I took a shortcut at my German course and learned about 20 new skills, got 800xp and reached new level. But, nothing happened on my profile, like I didn't take that shortcut and I didn't get any of this

April 25, 2017



I think it's done what it's supposed to. Looking at the top of your post, you seem to be level 14 in German, and your profile shows that you have access to most of the tree. It might be that you have to refresh the page to see it as it should be.

You won't see any notification on your stream - streams have been turned off.


I think it's just a small bug. But, I'll try to do the exercises again, and I hope it will be fine now


Which exercises are you going to do again? Are you talking about the need to strengthen some of the skills?

If you're wanting to push forward, you could do the Spiritual or Verbs - Conditional skills next.


I tried to take a shortcut and I successfully did it. It was written that I learned 20 new skills and got 800xp. But, when I looked at my profile, I didn't have those skills unlocked and didn't have 800xp more. It was like I never "take a shortcut". Afterwards I unlocked those skills, and now, I will do those skill again one by one.


Does it show anything when you look at the notification Bell?

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