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Help test the Duolingo Bots in English!

Gain early access and help us improve Duolingo's new Bots for English learners! If you're an English learner or speaker, we'd love your help to improve our conversations with the Bots.

All you need is an iOS device, a few minutes and passion for Duolingo. :)

Sign up to become a Duolingo Alpha Tester or share with friends!

April 25, 2017



Dang, no Android? What's up with that?


Sorry, not yet, but we do hope to offer Bots on more platforms in the future! :)


Ok. Kudos to the Duo Bots Team!


Just put Bots on Android and the website! There's no difficulty if you've already made them...


You kinda have to remake them for each new platform. Android development can be complicated, not to mention the fact that you have to make sure it works for all the web browsers.


I'm willing to test functionality on several browsers...


My point was that just because you've made for one platform doesn't mean you can't just plop it down on a different platform.


But still, if multiple devices can use Duolingo, they should all have the same features.


Hello HelpfulDu I want bots in the website, please


Yes! Android PLEASE!


I actually have a question about how much alpha testing you can take on at once. I am already a Japanese course alpha tester. Does this imply that I cannot sign up for the alpha for English bots, or is there no limit as to how much you can alpha test at once?


You are more than welcome to join several alpha testing programs at once :D


Great, thank you!


And if you are not an iOS user, you can write to people in a language you are learning on a chat on YouTube

Just go on YouTube, write your request, than choose "Filters", than "Live", the chat will be there at the right side of the screen.

For example: Say "Hello" to the world =)




Okay, I signed up.

[deactivated user]

    I would love to sign up, however I would like to know about how long "a few minutes" is? It wouldn't be half an hour, would it? I am pretty busy with schoolwork, sports, and other activities - but I always have time for Duo to do a lesson of a skill or two.

    Thanks for all help!!! :-)


    Why do all the beta features seem to be on IOS? IOS devices are much much harder to get than a cheap Android phone or a cheap PC, and PCs are even available at many libraries...


    Because most users use smartphones and android phones have a lot of hardware and software differences in comparison to apple. apple is more homogenous so its easy to establish apps on that platform first.


    I signed up! (Anything to help Duo)


    How soon do you think I will get a reply for signing up.


    I signed up. Hopefully bots spread to more languages and more platforms soon. I haven't had the chance to speak with one yet, but if made correctly they sound like an awesome way to practice.


    Thank you for letting me become an Alpha tester. There is nothing more after chatting with the bots? Will the things I did in the English course disappear for me except the XP's I got?


    I'm having fun with the bots! In one conversation duo offered me a job. I said no, Soy jubilada Duo ignored me and said, in his best Spanish, of course, See you Monday!


    Can I join HelpfulDuo??????


    im learning spanish but i really am dumbstruck by the amount of initiation and hardwork duolingo applies for the learners . thank you ! :)


    i have recently joined and am enjoying it but i want to know how to earn lingots more quickly


    The best answer: practice a lot. You can also wage lingot bets, where you put in five and get back ten if you practice every day that week.


    I am a English (therefore being fluent) and thus signed up. So, what I am wondering is where will I find the "Bots" that are to test.


    Is it possible to do it online?


    Can I join the English bots alpha testing?


    Will you need to be far enough in another [language] to English course to use these bots? I am a native speaker of English, but the only other language I speak is Bengali and so far there's no Bengali to English course. Since I know that the bots are completely in the foreign language, how will I be able to access them?


    I'm a native English speaker, and I'd love to help out!

    Do I just sign up and download the app?


    Will there be Polish bots? I saw it on my app (when doing German), but haven't tried them out yet ^^


    i also signed up or it but don't know if it's on the computer?


    I just signed up but how do I help test it? I'm native to English btw.


    When can we expect this on Android??


    I signed up I am a native english speaker.


    when will you add a danish bot?


    I'd like the Bots was also available for Android users, as soon as possible. Thank you so much!


    great idea ill help it'll make learning English easier it helped me with Spanish!


    How do you get to Bots on the computer? I can access on iPhone, but not on computer! :'(


    I am a native English speaker. I would really like to help develop the bot for English Language Learners. I completed the form and hope to hear from you soon. I currently teach ESL in Canada


    Are there ever going to bots online?


    There should be bots online


    How does it work? Will we get and email when we sign up?I have already signed up.


    sorry to tell you the bots were tested, put out on the iOS app then promptly scrapped. :( they were fun whilst it lasted


    Should this thread be scrapped or frozen? I mean, the bot testing phase has concluded, yes? If not, let me know. I'd like to sign up. Thanks!

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