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Do any of you redo lessons to obtain full hearts?

I was just wondering if anybody else redoes lessons in order to obtain the 3 hearts? I know it doesn't particularly do anything, but I enjoy seeing full hearts in my previous lessons for myself. It would be cool to kind of include that in a point system somehow? What do you guys think?

March 1, 2013



I don't worry about the hearts much... I make too many silly mistakes to get full hearts everywhere. My method has been to space out the timed bonus rounds over a few days (to test my memory) and to abuse "Practice Weakest Words". Practice Weakest Words is probably my favorite feature of DuoLingo.


yeah, about half the time I miss a heart it's because I can't type in my own native language properly :)


This was my favorite part until full phrases and sentences started to show up. Then I could no longer gather as many points as I spent far too long trying to determine what the sentences were to translate to English and vice versa.


Well, that's part of its purpose -- to get you to think fast, as if you were in a real conversation.


Yes, but I would hope I have seen the phrases and/or related words before. Sometimes sentences appear that I have never seen, and some phrases you just have to learn like "das ist mir egal".


Absolutely. And I don't feel confident that I have learned a lesson section until everything (including the refresh lessons) shows me full hearts. I won't move on to another lesson set until I have mastered one, but I will make sure I have got full hearts in one section before mastering another.


I don't care of the number of hearts I end with. That lesson will soon appear back as not mastered, it's better to repeat it then, to see if I learned from my mistakes or not.

And there are some mistakes in the sentences, not a secret, so I am happy if I can finish a lesson after trying it 3 or 4 times, to be honest. I focus more on understanding if what I replied was indeed a mistake or not.


I've considered going back to get the 3 hearts, but I've found that the material returns in the new lessons.

If I find that I'm struggling too much with the new material, I will go back and review the old lessons, but currently, even if I finish with no hearts, I seem to be doing fairly well with my progress.

I've read somewhere that the Duolingo designers don't even expect you to complete a lesson to mastery before progressing. I've actually seen that they recommend finishing the tree and then, going back to obtain mastery.

Therefore, insisting on 3 hearts before progressing will slow oneself down and could make things really boring. If it works for you, do it.

But, you might want to try just progressing.


Learning everything before going back for mastery is a pretty good idea.... I think it would also help the quality of the real-life translations if everyone had a better idea of what the article is trying so say before attempting to translate it. I see some pretty bad sentences at 100%.


Yes! I saw some terrible sentences at 100%. Some were direct translations which get the job done, but when you take grammar and tense into consideration you have to adjust words... or that could be my ego talking. :-D !!!


Yes I find it does get kind of boring if I try and get the full hearts. However if I progress too fast then I find that I am struggling, then I return to previous lessons and refresh a little bit.


Exactly. I am new and this is what I do myself. Only move on once the last exercise is mastered!


I redo lessons to make sure the lesson is still reinforced. It also helps to see full hearts....


mom49 I don't think that learning one thing completely before moving on will help fluency in the long run. Languages are too extensive to just memorize. I plan to finish the course then go back and redoe it to see how much my speed and comprehension has improved.


I doing a similar thing, but mainly because I feel like there is a lot of recycling of vocabulary and concepts that go on as you progress through the course. In this way I feel like I will probably lose some vocabulary, but I am not super worried about lossing the majority. I might be more concerned though for someone with no other background in a latin language, or for german for instance. From time to time I will do the review game, but making progress and learning new concepts is vital for my motivation. If I was still stuck half as far as I am currently I think I would lose motivation.


I do. It's a way to work out my focus since usually i do these mistakes when i'm not concentrated. It's a concentration issue, the language itself i get quickly.


I don't. At first I did, but working through a lesson again to get 1-3 skill points soon became too much for me. The most annoying thing is when you have 2 hearts, redo the lesson and fail on the last question. Argh!

Update: I've just checked and I got full points for redoing the lesson. Hmmmm, maybe I will follow the advices here and redo some of the lessons :-)


Hmmm, now that I know I get full points for doing a lesson again, I've changed my mind. I am redoing the lessons with less than 3 hearts right from the beginning of the course. Sometimes I don't manage to get 3 hearts from the first attempt, but it only proves that this practice is good for me. I think I'll stick with obtaining 3 hearts for every lesson before moving on. If I have to do each lesson a few times, so much for the best.

Thanks for your insights, guys.


this is exactly what i am doing nowadays. i had to give a break at duolingo. when i get back, i realized lessons layout changed and the lessons i have already finished are without hearts. i redo all of them.


mom49 Well repetition can only reinforce the skill so I don't find it a wast of time.


I do this also. I mostly use the iphone app, so what I generally do is progress through the lessons of my new topic, working to get 3 hearts as I go (this gives me lots of practice specifically on the new stuff so I've found I'm more likely to understand and retain the new info). Since I usually don't have time every day to learn new things, I'll spend those days I don't learn anything new making sure I use the practice section on the app. I can see it usually rotates through some of the older topics as the whole session usually is related somehow, but also brings in the newest material also. After a few days of practicing, I'll usually find time to either work on some translations in my unmastered sections or move onto a new topic. I usually have 3 or 4 unmastered topics at a time that I'm working on plus the newly unlocked ones I haven't touched.


I started about a week ago and I don't pay too attention to the hearts. If I get through a lesson with no hearts left then I probably will re-do the lesson. I also write down a lot of what I'm learning (charts and whatnot) so I don't always have to log-in. I also find writing this stuff down is just another way for me to burn it into my brain (although my brain seems to be quite flame-repellant right now).


I agree with you about the writing down. New words 'stick' much better if I write them down as well.


I allow myself to lose one heart, because silly mistakes happen, but any more than that and I redo the lesson to ensure that I've learnt the content well enough.


Yes...I don't try to advance until I get all my hearts.


I like to move on most days and other days I take the weakest lessons especially the ones I have noticed i need work on and redo them. I dont go for perfection because I forget the stuff again later and know im coming back for a refresher. The old stuff comes in along with the new stuff as you move ahead so you still get the refresher information while your learning new concepts.


In each session I'm currently going back and doing at least one old lesson again trying to get all the hearts. This is not always as easy as I would like it to be and makes the point that revision is an essential part of learning for me. In addition I do either a new lesson or a revision of a recent one in the hope that it reinforces what I've learned.


I have been going back and redoing lessons to get 'full hearts'. I may be mistaken, but it seems Duolingo throws more new words in those lessons when one goes back. Need to stress, I don't go back right away. I'm about 1/4 through the french, now I've gone back to fill in the hearts.


For me, I want to have minimum two hearts on a lesson before I move on. So I have a lot of two-stars only, but I guess that gives me an excuse to come back to them later.


I do. also in order to revive what I learned.


When you learn a language naturally as a child you don't immediately "master" each language tidbit that you pick up. You probably remember a piece of it and try to use it again at a later date. That's when you have mom around to tell that you're saying something wrong, or that you need to structure your sentences differently. If you spend enough time with the language you will correct your mistakes.

After using duoling for about 2 weeks now, I really feel like its a computerized mom correcting all my mistakes. And the database that it keeps on your progress has not been duplicated in any of the other language learning techniques I've come across, besides flash cards.


mom49 I do. I think that it does help to imbed the material.


I do it, to prove to myself that I've been learning as much as anything else.


I like just quitting when I miss a heart and starting over till I get them all- I don't think once is enough for later.

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