"The book is heavy"

Translation:Kitabu ni kizito

April 25, 2017

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Kikubwa is the only suggestion for the word heavy, but the translation "Kiatu ni kikubwa" is not accepted. Is it not correct or should this also be accepted?


Kikubwa has to do with size, not weight. The word itself means "big, huge, enormous". So when you say, Kitabu ni kikubwa, you are talking about the size of the book. Whilst, Kitabu ni kizito, you are talking about the weight of the book.


I see. I knew the basic meaning for kubwa is large, but in a good many languages words for both large and heavy are somewhat synonymous, and since this was the only mouse over suggestion I thought it could be like this in Swahili as well.


In informal conversations, you will often hear people switch the words but they always (if not often) refer to power or gravity of something.

  1. Yule mzee ni mtu mkubwa/mzito (Than man/oldman is powerful/influential) (lit. That man is a big/heavy person)

  2. Hii ishu ni kubwa/nzito (This case is serious) (lit. This case is huge/big/heavy)


I think the hint for heavy as "kubwa" is wrong. I have reported it (16 May 2017). Make sure you report so that improvements are made to the course.


how come it's not "chizito"?

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