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  5. "Sipendi maembe mabovu!"

"Sipendi maembe mabovu!"

Translation:I do not like rotten mangoes!

April 25, 2017



I know rotten is a special kind of bad, but shouldn't also bad mangoes be accepted here? It is common to say that fruits and vegetables have "gone bad" when they are rotten.


Yeah, "mbovu" is closer to "spoiled" than "rotten." You can have a "gari mbovu" - spoiled car.


True. But as it seems, the course still lacks alternative answers. We are limited to what they are giving us.


Further practice:

  • Sipendi maembe mabovu! - I don't like rotten mangoes!
  • Hupendi maembe mabovu! - You don't like rotten mangoes!
  • Hapendi maembe mabovu! - He/She doesn't like rotten mangoes!
  • Hatupendi maembe mabovu! - We don't like rotten mangoes!
  • Hampendi maembe mabovu! - You don't like rotten mangoes!
  • Hawapendi maembe mabovu! - They don't like rotten mangoes!


  • Sitaki embe bovu! - I don't want a rotten mango!
  • Hutaki embe bovu! - You don't want a rotten mango!
  • Hataki embe bovu! - He/She doesn't want a rotten mango!
  • Hatutaki embe bovu! - We don't want a rotten mango!
  • Hamtaki embe bovu! - You don't want a rotten mango!
  • Hawataki embe bovu! - They don't want a rotten mango!


Na hiyo ni kwa sababu mambe mabovu hayapendezi.


I spelled it mabuvu and it accepted it as correct--is it just being lenient, or is there an alternate spelling?


definitely lenient :D


No one likes rotten mangoes

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