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Gems On Duolingo App

I am never buying anything ever agin from the mobile app. They converted my 338 lingots to 800 gems, I thought cool, more money. But it's the opposite. Streak freezes cost 400, bonus skills, 1000! With the website on Duolingo streak freezes cost 10, bonus skills 30! I don't even have to do math to know that it's a terrible deal! They even know it is a horrible deal because they added a feature that allows you to buy extra gems, but if you buy extra gems (unless you buy about 20 plus dollars worth) you'll just blow all the gems you just got in a few purchases. Plus you guys say learning supposed to be free. (Yes, I get you don't have to buy stuff in the shop but it's very helpful to do so.)

Please admins of Duolingo don't do that to the website, and please, please take it off the mobile app! They also took down double or nothing. (For those of you who don't know, you bet 5 lingots that you can keep your streak for a week, if you win you get 10 lingots.) Oh, there is some health thing but I haven't had time to look at it yet.

I'm not trying to hurt anybody's feelings, or lower the accomplishments that the Duolingo admins or moderators have made. I'm sorry if I did either of those things. I'm just trying to voice my opinion, and tell what I think should happen in the future. Thank you.

April 25, 2017



I was switched to health and gems today. I don't like it. I have a disability that causes twitches that sometimes cause me to hit the check button before I intend. With this health system, it is now less accessible for me and certainly other people, which means Duolingo could run afoul of the ADA unless they do something about health system, such as making it optional.

I am already upset that I have lost two streaks and my double-or-nothing Lingot bets because I did lessons when I had a bad connection or was out of cellular/wifi range, and although it added the day to my streak at the time, when I did lessons the following day with a good connection, Duolingo changed it to list those days as no activity.

I liked Duolingo, but with all this frustration, I'm planning to try Mango because my library has it.


Yes. It's sensless at all that you have to wait or practise another much lower subjects to go foward.. And it's even more stupid that now you have to pay to test-out or to have health..: And the only sorce of having real good Gems is paying a lot.

But now I'm practising in the computer, trying to finish the tree, and then you don't need health to practise old finished subjects (for now...)


You get a whole load of gems for completing a skill and if you complete your daily goal you get to choose from 3 chests with gems inside. So the gems should add up quickly. The health goes down if you get an answer wrong in the lessons but can be regenerated by practising your lessons. The health can be very frustrating. It is a bit too expensive for what you're getting though.


That makes it better, except the most gems I've ever got is 10, and that gets me nowhere.


I finished a lesson today and got 120 gems. I have received anywhere from 1-20 gems for meeting my daily goal (on average I see 1-3 gems, the 20 gems happened once). If you don't purchase anything with gems (streak freezes or health), it won't matter too much. But if you want to buy anything, the gems will disappear pretty fast.


Oh that's interesting. Maybe they are testing with the amount of gems you get. The most I got in a chest was 40 gems. I've only ever got 10, 20 or 40. But maybe that was luck. Edit - I just got 50 XD


Three days in a row it did not allow me to claim the chest gems because it said that I had already claimed it that day but I hadn't


Yeah, that's affected me for two days now, even though I haven't gotten any gems from chests in these two days. I guess it's a bug they're going to have to work out, but I want Lingots back nonetheless. There was nothing wrong with them, and as the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


I agree, far too confusing. I think it might have something to do with the international dateline. I often get funny time bound messages at different times.


PS my laptop account still shows lingots


Yeah, today I just got a chest with 30 gems again. And my laptop still shows Lingots as well, so it hasn't been poisoned yet.


I've had that problem, too. I get gems for daily practice every two or three days of practice. Some days it never gives any message but some days it gives the message about already claiming it when I haven't.


Today I met my goal and nothing happened. Very strange and very frustrating that you can't provide feedback anywhere


My app just changed over to the Gems today. Double or nothing has encouraged me to stick with my lessons each day as I had points to look forward to by week's end. The whole gems situation feels too much like a grind. I no longer can just practice as much as I would like at a given time. Paying to get your health back is such a rip off.


Agree... Have to pay to practise new subject is completely stupid also because if you practise in the health it is automatic... so they make me re-learn things like : "the man", "The woman", "The egg" this when I'm almost finishing the tree lol


It seems to only be on iOS which is weird. I don't like the new system at all. The web and android versions still use lingots. All it means to me is I won't be using the iOS version hardly anymore... in fact the only reason I started using it was for the chat bots which never seem to update anymore anyways. Come on Duolingo.


I don't get it. Why would the program even OFFER me my daily gems if it simultaneously thinks I have already claimed them (which I obviously haven't)? This must be a programming glitch, and I hope they fix it soon.


My iOS version showed a white gem with 3110 next to it and I'm writing this comment on web version and I notice it is still in lingots with 2603 next to it. Maybe they don't update the web version yet but using web version, IMO, we can still use lingots rather than gems


I reached my goal for the last two days but when it shows the three chests to get gems it keeps saying that I already played today and I hadn't! So, no gems for me.


Happened to me again today!!!!!


What a crew of bums! Gems are a rip-off. I'd be glad to buy this app at a reasonable price but they have really gone down a bad road with gems and in-app purchases as well as adverts. I

[deactivated user]

    Duolingo gives me a reward of a 50 gem chest. Then it asks if I want to the reward or no thanks. It used to let me double by watching an ad. Now nothing happens when I press double. It only responds to No Thanks. Please fix this! I use my iPhone and never gives any explanation like already collected which others talk about.


    I bought for 1000 gems in my android app, the German adverb bonus. Is is not working, my gems got reduced by 1000 the course is not free


    Please give me lingots :)-I-


    What a bad move with gems. Total lack of marketing vision. Gems are much more expensive than Lingots in desktop. If Duo switches to gems on desktop, I quit. Hi Duo team, did you try to lower "Plus" price instead? It is ridiculously high.

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