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I am learning English and I want practice english with someone

Someone wants to practice English with me to reinforce the language

April 25, 2017

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Hello there...so, how is it going so far?...your learning journey?


Well, thanks for asking, I'd like to know where you are from?


I don't know, would you?....I mean....whether you ask

May I know where are you from?

Could I know where are you from?

Would you mind telling me where are you from?

or you give a hint...

I would like to know where are you from.

I need to know where are you from.

Sharing where are you from would be a nice start.

I am from Bolivia, by the way...


Hi how are you?


I'm fine and how are you today?


I would love to practice with you, I am a native English speaker :)


Interesting where are you from?


We can practice if you want it.

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