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  5. "אנחנו הגברים."

"אנחנו הגברים."

Translation:We are the men.

April 25, 2017



anakhnu ha-gvarim


Is the second word pronounced 'hagvarim' or 'ha-geverim'?


I have a question that I probably should have asked the first time I saw the word, but, better late than never. The word גבר is used here for man, but as I learned somewhere else, is more often used as friend. Why isn't the word ish (יש ?) used here?


Sorry, I just realized you asked about "ish" - man, which is spelled איש. I saw you wrote יש, so I answered about that.

Anyway, both איש and גבר are words that mean "man". In plural, only גברים is used to mean "men". The word איש has an irregular plural אנשים, but it doesn't mean men, but rather "people".


Yes, haha, I was about to comment on the יש איש thing. But thank you very much for the explanation.


The word גבר (géver) means "man". חבר (chavér) is "friend".

The word יש means "there is" or together with ל forms a construction that is translated as the verb "to have". This phrase has neither of the two things, so there is no need to use יש here.


Ah thanks, I didn't know the difference in spelling.


With the new cartoons a woman is saying "we are the men" i think they didn't think this through and just got the random button... Should keep gender fuxed to help language learning this can be confusing.


Of course the cartoons are random. Unfortunately, this was absolutely not thought through by Duo. And there's absolutely nothing we can do about it, since Duo doesn't listen to the users.


Can one please say Hebrew for "we are the champions"? אנחנו שאמפיונים? :)


You would say אנחנו האלופים (anakhnu ha-alufim)


In the examples, we usually see the Hebrew for "Men" (גברים) but not "Man" (singular). Is this because there are multiple words for "Man" and so it's a bit more complicated?


Maybe, but man is usually גבר gever


I am fairly new to Duolingo. Who is Danny912421? Are you a teacher of hebrew or just an advanced hebrew student. I have used many Hebrew learning apps, and I am about to enter Adults Ulpan 4, also use the Pimsler Method for Hebrew. Having feed back from Danny is great, I look forword to seeing more feedback. שמואל Sanford Miller


I am glad you find it helpful. I am an advanced Hebrew student, who loves Hebrew, and being an English teacher by profession, I like helping others learn a language. Sometimes I feel I should tone it down and not answer so many questions, but a lot of questions are left unanswered for a very long time and people lose motivation that way. So I try and help them by addressing their doubts and questions. Good luck בהצלחה!


Hi Danny just came across this comment - 'Sometimes I feel I should tone it down and not answer so many questions' No no, keep it up, you're a tremendous help.


Adults Ulpan , or eTeachergroup is now called Rosen School of Hebrew associated with the University of Jerusalem. Sanford Miller שמואל

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