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  5. "Fusta nu e a mea."

"Fusta nu e a mea."

Translation:The skirt is not mine.

April 25, 2017



Could someone let me know how I am supposed to use possesives? For instance, ale mele, ai mei, mea and so forth. This topic is literally killing me!


As well as other possesive pronouns.


Roy; ale mele refer to plural female possesive nouns whilst ai mei refer to masculin plural poss nouns! same for meu and mea: the 1st refers to a masculin person and the 2nd to a female person so in english my caot/my car etc... for the forms with your /his & her is more complicated but in any case the gender of the word indicates which form of the poss has to be used..... learning thru Dl is a matter of patience and memorising what you have heard and seen! good luck!


What is the quality of sounds, both normal and slow!


acc to me another correct translation is: it is not my skirt...same meaning for this rom sentence

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