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Swahili discussion thread.

Hello everyone! I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we actually write Swahili with each other. Just a nice place to introduce yourself and get to know a bit about everyone.

Mistakes can be corrected here as long as it is (A), respectful, (B) in the replies to the comment itself and (C) prefaced with "I think..." or something similar if you're not sure. Don't be a jerk and don't pass yourself off as more of an authority than you are.

It might also be helpful to then write in English what you said (or intended to say), but do this as a reply to your comment, or at least at the bottom of your comment so that people can try to understand your Swahili before seeing the English.

I'll begin in the next post.

April 25, 2017



Hamjambo! Hapa tutaandika kwa kiswahili!

Tafadhali mtuambie ninyi si nani?

Jina langu ni Ben. Ninatoka Australia, lakini sasa ninakaa Ujerumani. Lugha yangu ya kwanza ni kiingereza, lakini ninasema pia kijerumani vizuri na ninaweza kuzungumza kwa lugha ya ishara ya Ujerumani na ya Australia, na vilevile lugha nyingi kidogo pia.

Jina langu la lugha ya ishara ni ishara inayomaanisha "lugha" kwa sababu ninazipenda sana lugha.

Sijui kwa nini ninajifunza kiswahili. Ninakipenda tu.

Na ninyi je?


(En: How are you all? We will write in Swahili here!

Please tell us who you are.

My name is Ben. I'm from Australia but I live in Germany now. My first language is English but I also speak German well and can also converse in German and Australian sign languages (DGS and Auslan), and a little bit in many other languages.

My name in sign language is the (DGS) sign which means "language" because I love languages so much.

I don't know why I'm learning Swahili. I just like it.

And the rest of you?)

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