Hello I'm interested in practicing English and I can help you with your Spanish. :)

April 26, 2017

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hi oscar! how are you ?

fine.. i'm new to duolingo, and i want to practice english. where are you from?

i'm from Mexico city, i want to practice also :) i am new also and i am learning gramatical

that´s great.. i need to lose my fear to talk :s

hi, i need practice, if you have skype add me @samzero7

hi !! what your name? ... make one ;)

Welcome to Duolingo :) I'm a native Spanish speaker, we can practice English if you want it.

thanks, nestor?that´s it your name? let´s practice :) where do you live?

You're welcome, honey. Yes, my name is Nestor, nice to meet you.
I live in Venezuela, and you?

nice to meet you too... you live in Venezuela? wow!! i read a lot of bad news from venezuela.. are you ok? im from Monterrey, México.

Yes, there's a bad situation in my country. I'm fine, thanks you very well. What about you?

how sad! :( in México also happens similars things.. don´t worry! I´m so fine, i really want to learn to speak English

Sorry for my late reply, I was busy. It makes me good that you are fine. If you really want to learn English, we can practice whenever you want. Do you have Skype?

hi emanuel!! how are you?

Im fine thanks!! and you??.. sorry if im lating.. do you have maybe other way to communicate? Facebook whatsapp.. ??

fine too, don´t worry. Yes, skype @lorena 8a

hey! Hello Lorena. Well im Miguel and I need to practice the language now, too. :')

hi miguel!!
Excellent practice... where are you from?

Ok. Well... i'm from Chiclayo, Peru but i live in Lima, the capital. (By the way you can tell me Mike, that's my nickname haha) ...and, where do you live?

ok.. mike!! you can tell me lore ;) just as my friends :) i´m from Nuevo León,MÉXICO. I live in monterrey city :) happy to talk someone from Perú NICE TO MEET YOU!!

Ow... thanks. Nice to meet you, too! I would like to visit Mexico. I hear many good things about Mexico. ...ehh I see that you have a good writing but you are in level 3, why?

hi mike!! srry yesterday i slept early... I start initiating in duolingo but previously I studied in my faculty but I stopped practicing a lot I'm really interested in talking about it, do you have skype?

Dont worry. i was sleeping, too. Ohh it's good. Well i have skype but i dont remember it haha... maybe facebook, wsp, gmail? i dont know...

hi joseline... You want to practice too?

hola como estas (hi how are you)

hi christian im from México and you?

Hi!!! Lorena.. we can learn english ... what do you think?

ok, perfect! that´s what i want :)

hi richar how are you?

Hi Lorena, I am fine, how about you?

hola :) como estas?

hola arnold.. deseas aprender español?

en realidad se español, pero ingles no lo se muy bien que digamos y desaria aprender

hi! Lorena are you?? we can practice between us...=D

hello, I'm interested in practicing english, so if you want we can practice!

hi! of course, what your name?

Hello! I'm Greivin. And you?

Hi :) nice to meet you

hi.. nice to meet you too!

Hi, My name is Pablo

hi pablo my name is lorena, how are you? where are you from?

Hi, Lorena, I'm from El Salvador and I'm 24 years old, what about you?

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Hi, how are you :)

Fine thanks for ask me, were are you from

practice with me in skype

hello practice with me in skype, racso116

Everybody look to the left everybody look to the right can you feel that?.. yeah we're paying with love tonight. It's not about the money, money.. we dont need your money, money we just wanna make the world dance forget about the price tag...

Hi lore again!!, do you know this song?. It's PRICE TAG. Well i hope that you are fine. Take care :)

hello lorena were are you from

Hello how are you? where are you from?

hello lorena, how are you?

Hello. Do you like to practice English with me?

Hello, How are you?

hola tu me ayudas a practicar ingles?

si quieres podemos practicar por ws me avisas para que me des tu numero

Hi Lore add me in skype shiftgerman

hello my name is teresa

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