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Swedish vs Norwegian vs Danish

Hello everyone! I am really planning to make a commitment to learn a new language, it will also help since eventually I want to take a language major. Anyway thats not the point. Basically I want to learn one of these three languages. I have heard and seen that the three are quite similar in some aspects so once I learn one hopefully learning the other will be easier. Basically I want some advice on which of the three I should start first. I just started Swedish but considering I haven't been doing it for long I thought I would ask now rather than later. Keep in mind eventually I want to learn all three and visit Europe especially Finland. It would also be very helpful to know which will be most useful for learning all the others. Thank you for any advice! (sorry if this is in the wrong topic, since it concerns three different language I just choose duolingo)

April 26, 2017



Norwegian is the middle of the three. That's probably the best place to start.


Jeg er enig med deg.


Swedish - I've learned some Swedish on another website and it's really easy. But, most people in Sweden also speak English. Also, Norwegians and Finish speakers will understand you and you'll understand them. Terrorist attacks in Sweden!

Norwegian - Very similar to Swedish (Personally I prefer Norwegian). But, there are two types of Norwegian and Norwegian is hard to find at a college. Large number on English speakers in Norway too.

Danish - Really fun language and country. Personally, I'd choose this one. But, I think it's more difficult to learn. Hard to find at schools.


Just a point: Finnish is very, very different than Swedish (it's in the same family as Hungarian) So if you come upon someone who only speaks Finnish, they will not understand you speaking Swedish. That being said, Swedish is spoken in some parts of Finland, so if you go there, they will be able to understand you.


For what it's worth, Swedish is, by far, the most spoken of the Scandanavian languages.

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