"Al cincizecilea este o jumătate."

Translation:The fiftieth is one half.

April 26, 2017

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I am never getting into Romanian mathematics!


Why I do not like is that they do not accept is a half, in English is perfectly ok to say a half or one half


"A half" is now accepted. ☺


Not in my try... :(


" a half " accepted 12/6/2021


this makes no sense in English


I think it's basically a fragment in either language. It's not really a concept without some context. But if the fiftieth is one half, then the whole is the hundredth. So we have a goal of 100 somethings. Maybe we want to live a hundred years, and today is our 50th birthday, so with regard to the goal we say: the fiftieth is one half.

I know some people don't find contextualizing the sentences useful and just advocate sticking to the grammar and vocab, but I like to think about the sentences as I go along myself.

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