"Today's newspaper"

Translation:Gazeti la leo

April 26, 2017

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Why do you need the 'la" is this just the most formal way, and in tanzania they would just say Gazeti leo?


Newspaper for today. La stands for "for"


Why use la instead of ya or wa?


I believe ji/ma noun takes l/y. So this means as its singular it takes "l" before association "a", if it werw plural "magazeti" it would taje "y" before "a". Basically it depends on the thing called noun class which I'm attempting to somehow just assimilate as if I were learning as a child rather than thinking about it too much, hence at present I'm uncertain having not done enough hours and not being immersed as a child the feedback on Duolingo is clearly not the same as being in a Swahili speaking environment....


See the grammar explanation for this noun class if you go to the course via the duolingo website (not the app). Click on the light bulb.

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