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  5. "A roupa dela está apertada."

"A roupa dela está apertada."

Translation:Her clothes are tight.

March 1, 2013



How can they refer to clothes in plural when the portuguese sentence refer to cloth in singular?


A roupa (the clothing, the outfit); As roupas (the clothes).

But really, many times they are interchangeable.


In a previous task where "está" was used, only "too" before the adjective was accepted as an answer. In this case it would be "Her clothes are too tight".


I think that previous task you did might have had an error then :/ It shouldn't be "too tight" with the absence of the word "demais" which means "too much" or just "too"


Agreed. But this sentence in not in in accord with the previous one.


Not to be that person, but I noticed almost all of the sentences that have to do with tight clothing involve women and women's clothing. DL: Men wear tight clothes too. White tank tops, skinny jeans, muscle shirts... Could you be a little less focused on women only being the subjects of tight clothing? This is reinforcing gender stereotypes that we need to leave behind. Thanks.


Is it also "Her outfit is tight"? "Outfit" was one of the given definitions.


Why is estar used here? If her clothes are tight, they are always tight, unless she loses weight.

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