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If I cannot get rid of the health bar, I will get rid of the app, leave duoLingo, and move on.

I really like the duoLingo app, but the health bar limits my access. I make a typo, lose a heath bar. Forget the correct form of pronoun, lose a heath bar. Miss hear a word, lose a heath bar. Brain-toot, lose a heath bar. Within minutes, I can't use the app for 24+ hours. My roommate has the non-heath bar version. I would like the same thing.

The app works...when I get to use it. I've learned and am excited to keep learning, but as soon as I hit a spot where I struggle, my opportunity to improve is taken away.

I will try to reinstall my app, but if that does not work, I will delete my account and move on, but not after letting as many people as possible know not to waste their time downloading the app.

April 26, 2017



As I don't have this health bar, I need to ask: If you cannot use the app for 24+ hours, how are you supposed to keep your streak intact?


I don't have the health bar myself, but strengthening should still be available during the 24h. I think strengthening even brings health back, so that you are able to continue quicker.


That was my assumption: that the health bar only inhibits your ability to start new skills. I was hoping that you could strengthen old skills as much as you like. If this isn't the case then it is quite worrying.


I suggest you stop using the app. It's just a toned down braindead version of desktop. The only thing it's good for is keeping the streak going that's pretty much it.


I feel sorry for you, I love heath bars too.


LOL. I was going to say I hate heath bars!


Just use the website version, not the app. No health bar (which in the app annoyed me greatly too).

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