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Duolingo is taking off everything!

They've taken out immersion, activity stream, and i cannot even see my old posts written i'm probably going to abandon my account at this point. They are taking off things that help people learn and the only way you can talk is through discussions and you can't even talk to friends about languages on their streams!

April 26, 2017



I wouldn't worry about it, it's only a matter of time until some website copies duolingo (if there isn't one already), of course I wouldn't count on immersion being successful -- you can always translate your own stuff anyways.


Lang-8 is not taking any more new registrations. :(


Because they have HiNative.


Seriously? I've been registered for more than 3 years, but that's a huge bummer for potential new users...


Removing immersion and the activity stream was for their benefit only, it is only an inconvenience for us. The site will be in trouble unless they start adding things, if I was making a rival site I would start right now.


yeah the activity stream needs to be added back ..


I agree, considering that they've gotten rid of activity and immersion maybe they can turn their attention to making more language courses such as Fijian https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22294277, please up vote and recommend, thanks, SupeRugby


I agree with adding more languages but not if they are going to stall in the incubator, there are too many languages with no recent progress.


I made this graph nearly a week ago. I'm sure the numbers haven't changed substantially since then:


yeah at least take back the talking sheesh


Yes, this it true. An important asset for advanced users as Immersion was vanished. Activity stream too. I have written thousand of words there, just to communicate with other learners, to view my own activity and progress. Now I have manyfollowers that I cannot "follow" all together unless I poke to everyone's profile, useless actually and time consuming. It seems that Duolingo changes its business plan. Going where? I don't know.


I forgot to write before that yes of course, Immersion was not so effective and productive to Duolingo, because it was a demanding application. I didn't dared to use it as I don'y feel I have mastered a language enough I try to translate a demanding text, but it does not mean that it was not something of great value for learners. Actually all learners or at least would like to participate to a project like this in the end of this Duolingo Language Learning journey. But Duolingo considered it useless. Anyway. I still insist to love Duolingo, the original idea "Foreign languages learning for all" and "Translate Internet". But Ok, I am not so much motivated anymore.


They said that they would bring Activity back soon and that there would be updated forum with more features and private messages system


Do you have a quote where they say: 'private messages system'

I have seen a quote from Luis that was vague enough to be interpreted that way, but it could also be interpreted as a variant on Clubs.


Here's what I've seen him say (there may be other posts that I missed):

we plan to incorporate better tools to communicate with other learners. We understand that social connections are essential, and we plan to expand social features and capabilities as soon as possible.

Source: The infamous "Activity Stream" thread


If they plan on expanding social features, then what they had done now is the worst they could have done. They should have prepared a NEW social communication system first, THEN remove the activity stream AND add the new one.

Honestly, this is just plain bad managing, worse communication, and buggering people off. I believe no word of it.


That is extremely sensible!!!!


Thanks! Yes, that was the quote I was thinking of.

Could be a full social messaging platform. Could be Clubs on the web. You can project what you want into it, though Clubs being "better tools to communicate with" would be a massive stretch.


Thank you for posting this.


I reccomend you to stay. Luis may have made a mistake in taking away immersion and activity (which was mostly being used for unimportant discussions), but the main point of Duolingo is to learn languages. according to me, immersion was precious, but the activity stream does not make much difference to language learning, so continue learning your languages. :)


Hopefully they will add it back :)

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