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Is the mobile edition of duolingo offline? Or can it be used offline?

I just wanted to know because I'm leaving for a while somewhere but I want to continue practicing. (There is no internet there.)

April 26, 2017



Yes, it is, but only if you have Duolingo Plus subscription


I have the latest Android app and I can still do a few lessions in offline mode, even though I'm not a plus member. Strengthening is not available though. I really hope this feature is not removed for us, as I fly frequently.


What you have is the cause of lots of people losing streaks. That connection is frequently lost and you won't get XP that you did posted to your account.


I think plus is only offered in the Android app right now and it's new so I haven't seen any feedback from users


juuuuuuuuuust great.


is there any way to do duolingo offline?


Look at popular discussion for post from Luis for details but it's paid subscription to Duo that is ad free and can be used from an Android without a wifi connection so you can practice on a plane or other areas​


If you have not completed the tree, then the current row (or so) should available offline.

However, when going back online, if might not sync and if so you will then lose your work. If that possibility bothers you, then don't do it. I just tell myself it is an opportunity to do more practice and get on with it. (OK, I might swear a bit first)

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