Help our Duolingo monetize its services

We are a huge community of users (150M+ and growing...). And many of us understand that running a service (like Duolingo does for us) requires money. So why don't we support efforts which will be coming (Duolingo paid subscription already announced) by spreading a good word, eventually providing new ideas for Duolingo on how to monetize. No doubt - not many of us can afford paid subscription - but some will follow that proposal - please appreciate it as we all are getting our learning possibility for free.

Just another Duolingo user. GKJ

April 26, 2017


Right now I don't think I would pay anything for using duolingo. If I had to pay I would want more for my money, and right now duolingo just doesn't have any features that I would pay for.

April 26, 2017

I would NOT like it if DuoLingo became a paid service.I understand how difficult it can be to have such a large site with so many users but possibly a donation page could be made.I would happily donate a small amount to them.

April 26, 2017

I would happily donate a small amount to them.

You can(*) make a donation by buying once (or more) a "one month without ads" subscription.
Having a real donation button (for pure donation of the amount one choose) would be better (and is regularly asked for) but this new option is already a first step as it allow us to give money to Duolingo.

(*) If you have the Android app.

April 26, 2017

My idea was to start brainstorming on how Duolingo could monetize its services, still becoming free for majority of users. For example: offer 'Corporate Duolingo Plus' services for international corporations - so they could buy it and futher offer for free to its employees. Many corporations are paying quite a lot of money for foreign language teaching, thus thoroughly prepared pricing (fixed amount of users for a certain, small price, support services etc.) could make the difference and give many corporations not only possibility to extra motivate its employees but also to brand themselves (For example 'Duolingo Sponsor' naming scheme and/or logo). How about it?

April 29, 2017
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