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how fluent are you after finishing a tree?

can you watch movies without subtitles after finishing a tree?

April 26, 2017



Somewhere between A2 and B1 but you would not be as fluent conversationally as you would be in the written language.

[deactivated user]

    Strong beginner level! You can read a little bit more, understand a little bit more (movies, youtube, radio) but you are not fluent ... and you still need subtitles. The greatest advantage was that I can now access intermediate learning tools and benefit from them. Duolingo has really helped me.


    This app should be used to accompany a regular audio course. Level is down to the individual


    It really depends on what you put into your studies.


    I'm not quite finished, although I am close. I can write quite well, although with many errors. I also read quite well, but still understand far from everything. As for watching movies without subtitles, no, am not even close... I understand about 5% of the words I hear.


    So you CAN do something BUT not do something x 4

    You are level 14 so you are not finished and are not close


    Actually I have completed all lessons now, although now I am perfecting them all.

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