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I am WittyKitty. If you need any help with your English, you can post it here! I will help you as much as I can. Sorry if you can't understand this, I am not a native French speaker. If you can, please write your problem in English. If you can't, it's ok.
Hope I can help you with anything!

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thank you

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Ok thanks. This is a incomplete sentence thar I am supposed to complete

Since 1990, our customer...with our service.

A) are Satisfied B) Have been satisfied C)have been satisfying D)Have satisfied

For me it is C but when I checked the answear it is B and the answear said "Because B is the passive voice form of the present perfect". Since I have been trying to get why not C and for me both C and B are gramatically correct. Can you explain to me why B is the correct answear ? Thanks for your help.

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Je pense que je peux vous aider. B est au "passive voice of the present perfect tense" (I have satisfied vs I have been satisfied) comme la différence entre « J'ai satisfait » et « J'ai été satisfait ». Le choix C est au "present perfect continuous," si le mot "satisfying" est un verbe (il peut aussi parfois être un adjectif). Cependant, "satisfying" a besoin d'un COD devant le mot "with" dans ce cas. Alors, les phrases "Since 1990, our customers have been satisfied with our service" et "Since 1990, our customers have been satisfying themselves with our service" devraient être correctes. Je crois que la traduction est « Depuis 1990, nos clients étaient (ou ont été) satisfaits de notre service ».

J'espère que je vous ai aidé(e). Mon français n'est pas parfait. XD

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Thanks ubernerd37. I got it. I think I should come back to "passive voice". Thanks

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Answer C is the present perfect continuous tense in active voice. Continuous verbs ending -ing are active because the subject is performing the verb action.

  • I have been playing games.
  • She has been sleeping.
  • Our services have been satisfying our customer. (-or- to our customer.)

In the sentences above the action is performed by the subject. In the sentence you have to complete the subject (customer) is not performing the action.

Active -- Passive

  • Our services have satisfied our customer. -- Our customer has been satisfied with our services.
  • The boy kicked the ball. -- The ball has been kicked by the boy.

You can make the present perfect continuous passive but the main verb will lose the -ing (which moves onto an auxiliary).

  • Since 1990, our customers have been being satisfied with our service.

Je suis désolé. Je n'ai pas essayé cela en français parce que je veins de commencer à apprendre.

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Thanks lanny.ripple, your contribution have been helpful. I understood your explanation very well. Next time I will be faced with that kind of question, I will ask myself "Is the subject performing the action". Then the answear will be clearer.

Thanks again

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Apprends l'anglais en seulement 5 minutes par jour. Gratuitement.