"Suntem într-o regiune nouă."

Translation:We are in a new region.

April 26, 2017

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I know it was somehow described earlier but just in case if someone has a good will to explain it here I would be obliged. Thank you. Why " într-o"?


"a region" is "o regiune" - the article is "o" because the noun is feminine. "în o" and "în un" are never used.
în + o = într-o
în + un = într-un


Actually both "într-o" and "într-un" come from "întru".


These lessons use regions a lot. Is Romania divided into defined regions or is region a general term like here in the US? "We are in a new region" , while a perfectly fine sentence, is not something I would say very often so I don't know why I would ever say it while traveling in Romania.

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