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Fun way to test your skills after finishing a course.

I had the best idea on how I could test myself after finishing the courses I'm currently working on! I could find the flipped version (if available) Ex: Since I'm taking Norwegian, I could see if there's an "English for Norwegian speakers" course, and take it. I think doing this would strengthen my skills and test how much I really know.

April 26, 2017



The Duolingo term for that is reverse tree. Learning a 3rd Language from your 2nd Language is called laddering


Many people have reported success with that very method. I haven't gotten that far yet myself, but might do it when I'm finished with my tree


That is a very good idea. I do it for all the languages in my profile.


I've already looked, and there is no Norwegian to English tree. :(


Nice idea. You seem really cool. What is the Norwegian language like???#Awesomeness101!!!

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