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Tinycards + Duolingo

I think Tinycards should be merged with Duolingo practice.

They could stay with their respective websites, of course. But I think it would be cool if you could merge your progress so you could practice on Tinycards instead of Duolingo. c:

Lemme know what you guys think of my idea.

Unless this is already a thing, in which case I have not discovered it yet. Pretty sure it isn't though...?

April 26, 2017



Yes, there is no point in being a separate site, or at least there should be a button on each site to swap them easily.


Exactly what I thought some time ago. The flashcards under words are bad and annoying because no genders are included. Plus it's also inefficient since it includes masculine + feminine + plural separately for many words, which is just a waste of time for a language like Portuguese that barely has exceptions.

Doing anything with voc on Duolingo with a script is annoying since you can never get all the required data. You can write code to match things but it still requires a manual check to correct exceptions and to complete the data where needed. The Tinycards word list is a simplified version of the word list in the "words" tab. Thus supplementation is required to cover everything / more. For which I've chosen to manually bind the feminine and plural version of words to the male singular version, thus reviewing the cards would strengthen them all. (I might rethink it for languages with many exceptions though - it's perfect for a language like Portuguese that barely has any exceptions, feminine is just -a, plural +s, fem plural -as. Regular exceptions like -ção -> -ções).


*Won't be exactly like Tinycards, but rather a quick reviewing option with the cards alone. (The final layout won't be like it is in the image, that's just for testing²).

The image was taken on the "sports" skills, which will only include words from that chapter. Currently includes (planning to add more if I can be bothered to actually do so later xD):

  • The tinycards image.

  • The soundfile pronouncing the word.

  • Includes genders

  • "Special" error checking and marking system (not going to bother to explain it).

  • Strengthening the word through Duolingos system (just like the flashcards under "words").

I also changed the flip cards to work with text input:


*No, it you won't have to click "I was right / wrong" anymore, just didn't remove / hide it yet.

²Nope, not ready yet.

What data collection from Tinycards looks like (it's very minimal what you can get): http://i.imgur.com/fhSSurO.png Each line is a card, code in the beginning = there's an image for the word and also that the English can't be collected as the image replace the English word. The code at the end is for the audio file. The number at the end of some lines is a manual addition. More things will need to be manually added to increase the usability of the data.


This isn't bad! It could provide for a less tedious way to gain XP, but takes a little more time than grinding.


Hello! You can now earn XP for studying Duolingo content in Tinycards: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27819336

For now, this feature is only available on web and Android but we plan on bringing it to iOS soon.

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