"Podul este deasupra dormitorului și sufrageriei."

Translation:The attic is above the bedroom and the dining room.

April 26, 2017

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Din cate stiu eu dining room nu inseamna sufragerie. Sufragerie ar fi living room


în limba română corect ar fi ”Podul este deasupra dormitorului și a sufrageriei” - ”deasupra” cere genitiv


I actually find both correct. Maybe it is a grammatical error that most people tend to do while speaking.


I did '' the bridge is above the bedroom and the dining room''. Well, '' pod'' means bridge as well as attic. I think my answer should have been accepted. No offense!


Photos or it didn't happen.


Yes, pod is used for attic as well as meaning bridge, buuuut you need to realize the context and of the sentence and know the intended meaning. Bridge would be totally illogical in this situation.


I get why you put that. I do think that part of learning a language is learning how to evaluate situations where a word can mean more than one thing and picking the most likely translation.


Translating it as "bridge" can be a very good translation if there is a bridge above the house. Like this one:


Perhaps I'm forgetting the rule of the lesson with deasupra. Why do both bedroom and dining room have those endings? lui and ei? I think this rule is buried deep in my brain somewhere and isn't revealing itself to me! Thanks.


The endings mark genitive case, it's like the English "of the" or "'s". It must be used after deasupra, eventual though it's not used in English. It would literally be something like "the attic is on the above of the bedroom and dining room".


This was the second of two problems in a row with the same sentence. The first was tor translate from English. The answer I wrote was correct for the previous problem and incorrect here. BTW, I wrote this sentence for the previous problem and it was marked wrong.


In the romanian sentence, I got once "a sufrageriei" and once " sufrageriei" alone. Are they both correct? Seems to me that we need the "a" as the subject "pod" is not next to "sufrageriei".


If you have only one item then you do not use "a" (deasupra sufrageriei). If you have more than one you should use "a" (deasupra dormitorului și a sufrageriei)


It's colloquial but not incorrect without the extra a.


How does context help here with livingroom or diningroom?


It very much depends on the wealth of the owners and on the historical period. In the last hundred years or so a typical Romanian house had one or more bedrooms, a kitchen and one bigger room where you would have meals, watch TV and "spend your day". This one is called "sufragerie " or "cameră de zi". Richer or more sophisticated people would have another living room aimed at receiving visitors. That would be a "salon"


Thanks for the clarification.


I thought the living-room was called salon in Romanian. I checked a dictionary and it says the sufragerie is "the room where the meal is served".


"The loft is above ....."

In British English, we don't use the word "attic".


Interesting! In U.S. English we use loft to mean a living space or a room under the roof, or one that's open with high ceilings (artist's loft), often in converted industrial buildings. Attic is used more to denote a storage space under the roof.


It's interesting then that Alisha's Attic is an English duo.

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