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My notifications are not working!!

Whenever somebody responds to me or what not, IT DOESN'T SHOW. So I need to be searching the whole entire place until I find it.

Seriously, In my opinion, Duo is falling downhill. Not trying to be rude or whatever, but that's kinda what is happening.

April 26, 2017



I am seriously thinking about quitting Duo and finding something else.


yeah u can blame duolingo for that one


Maybe turn emails on for discussions you are following? I know that, in my account, certain notifications only show when I am on the discussion page. Maybe that helps?


Yeah. I should try that. Thanks!


So is this why my profile page no longer shows the comments I've made in the discussions associated with the questions? By coincidence I was out of internet access for nearly a week, so I lost my streak and also lost the discussion comments on my profile page. I thought one's streak and one's comment record must have been connected. Instead, losing one's discussion comment tracking would seem to be a DuoLingo-wide problem? Could someone give me some details about what is happening please?

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