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What is the Home Menu?

I am neww to duolingo... I rlly need helpp!!

April 26, 2017



It show the skills there are in the tree, your current streak, your followers, and your graph for xp earned in the past week among other things. The skills you can do will be colored or gold (once you complete them) and the gray ones are not unlocked.


And if you click on the skills you'll see the words that are taught in it and occasionally Tips and grammar notes ;-)


taught not teached


Thank you. Corrected. :-)


Click on it, and you'll see. Don't worry, clicking it won't damage anything.

Since you're asking for help using the site, could you move this post to the Troubleshooting forum? That will help keep this forum easy to navigate for those who aren't part of the troubleshooting group.

Don't delete it and create a new one, just click edit, and change the topic from Duolingo to Troubleshooting. Here's a guide on how to move a post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16609773.

...and here's a guide on how to choose which forum to post in: [Guide] In which forum should I post my discussion?.

Thanks :)

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