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Duolingo Android App "Your hard work is paying off" pop up after 3 or 4 problems

So after doing 3 or 4 problems in the app, I get this weird pop up with the duolingo bird saying "your hard work is paying off", then I have to hit continue....is there anyway to prevent this from happening?

It adds nothing and after a couple times it is annoying

April 26, 2017



I don't think there's any way to prevent it. My personal theory is that we who see this are a control group for the test using advertising -- we still have our lessons interrupted and still have to click to continue.


I did notice you could buy a month of ad free experience, but I've never seen an ad, so interesting theory.


I occasionally see Duo pop up like this and I have ads at the end of lessons/practices. It usually happens after I get something wrong (and the message is something like "don't give up, mistakes are part of learning," or something like that), but sometimes it happens if I've given a lot of correct answers very quickly (and then the message is "your hard work is paying off"). I think it's an experiment and they're trying to see if slowing down a little bit helps learning.


I like it. Duo looks soo cute :-)


ARRGGH grandchildren must have softened your brain ;)


Duo can have a dark sense of humour sometimes.

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