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has anyone tried laddering with tutors the way people here do with trees?

I've seen people here recommend laddering (learning another language from their learned language), for example: a native English speaker completing the Spanish tree then reinforcing it by completing the French for Spanish speakers course). Has anyone here tried this with tutoring, for example: native English speaker who's been learning Spanish awhile hiring a tutor who only speaks Spanish & French so that when she's struggling with the French she has to talk in her second language for an explanation on something.

April 26, 2017



Good idea! Unfortunately, I do not have any money to hire a tutor. So, I just talk to native speakers.


That's a good idea. I only look for tutors on italki after I know enough basics to keep the entire session in the target language. Here's a referral link if anyone is interested in getting $10 in credits: https://www.italki.com/i/GcFbA

I also recently started using Assimil books in French to learn other languages and that's been a great way to use my rusty French.


I actually started learning Spanish so I could study the Nahuatl language.


I assume this is again something that is more common among speakers of "minority" languages and even more so among immigrants. If a native Urdu speaker emigrates to the US an wants to learn Spanish, he probably has a better chance of finding a tutor who speaks Spanish and English than one who speaks Spanish and Urdu.


I started learning French in Spanish by taking classes in the Spanish speaking country I was living in. The same with Catalan. I took Catalan classes in Spain years ago. But only group classes, not a private tutor.

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