"The restaurant is on the left."

Translation:Restaurantul este pe stânga.

April 26, 2017

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please englight me or redirect to other comment with explanation, thank you : ) What means "se află"?


The verb "a afla" has several meanings, but here's the translation for the meaning you're interested in, which is applicable to the above sentence.

3. (Reflexive verb)
To be, to be found in a certain place, position or circumstance; to be, to exist in reality.

So in Romanian, "Restaurantul se află pe stânga" is the same as "Restaurantul este pe stânga". The "se" thingy is the reflexive pronoun that is used along with reflexive verbs.

The English translations for this could be any of the following:

"The restaurant is on the left."
"The restaurant is located on the left."
"The restaurant is situated on the left."
"The restaurant lies on the left."

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