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Is Klingon still being worked on?

So I haven't been on the site for a while, (college and personal issues) and though I'm THRILLED to see that Japanese is finally on it's way, (now the only other big one I want is Finnish) I'm disappointed to see that Klingon isn't any closer to being out for beta than I remember it being the last time I logged in to the website (I think about 6 months ago). It's been two years...are we ever going to see the course completed?

Update- a mere 3 weeks later-Klingon is up to 55% completion!!! XD Not going to get my hopes up too much, but it's encouraging that they went from 39% to 55% this quickly!!!

April 26, 2017



It looks like work is still ongoing.

An update was posted to their incubator course page just one month ago. https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/tlh/en/status

Also, the Weekly Incubator Update showed that the team was making progress toward the end of last month: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22037905


Ahh...thank you!! I forgot about checking the incubator and couldn't find updates for any recent months when I searched the discussion forum!

Also-High Valyrian? It's in the incubator but not on the official course page yet. I'm excited!!! I doubted Duolingo would get any GOT languages due to copyright, but it seems that GRRM & HBO are allowing it!


The course is even being headed by David Peterson himself. The man who made the languages for Game of Thrones.


Wow. O_O That's awesome!!! I'm even more excited now!!!


High Valyrian has been released! Go learn it :)


There have been references in Incubator updates, etc. to the chief contributor having had a significant illness. Now they're back to work. I think the course has crept up to 39% done from 36% I think not that long ago.


Meanwhile, it is 2018, and it still is not yet released


the latest update was in December 2017 though, so it seems they are still at work


It is due to be released this August.


I thought it was due to be released LAST August with the movie Star Trek: Beyond.


If you look at the incubator website, it says August 2017, maybe they had to push back the release date?


I don't take those dates very seriously.

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