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The green progress bar is broken on the latest iOS app update, please fix it

As the title says, the progress bar which informs learners of how far they have got in each lesson has vanished from the iOS latest Duolingo update.

The app still completes a lesson after an appropriate amount of questions answered but it is disconcerting not having the progress bar so I would be grateful if you could fix this please.

Also, while you are at it, how about restoring the daily progress graph that allowed iOS app users to chart how much xp they make across the week, there was no need to delete that helpful feature.

Thanks for any help you are able to provide.

April 26, 2017



I'd like to thank everyone who has commented on this thread and thank Duo for seemingly fixing the green progress bar which is now working on the iOS app after an update downloaded approximately twenty minutes ago.

From many of the comments it seems there is enough ambiguity to speculate that this has been perhaps another a/b test and if that is the case, then here's my take on it: without the progress bar the lesson seems to take a long time as you don't know when the end of the lesson will arrive, it is discouraging; with the progress bar the lesson seems to pass very quickly and it encourages me to do more lessons and to make more headway with the language.

If the a/b test was to figure that out, or not, then great, I hope it has been worth someone's time as it has just needlessly annoyed sections of the community for no ostensive value. It reminds me of the other matter I mentioned in the opening post, and that is the removal of the progress graph from the iOS app (it still remains on the web version) and despite community feedback repeatedly asking for its return, it is still missing and iOS users need to refer to the website for this information to see how their learning is tracking across the week.

Anyway, thanks again to all the respondents, I sincerely appreciate your feedback. Good luck with the languages!


It's working for me. Maybe the app needs an update or re-install it?


Thanks for your brief responses. You are probably both using an older version of the iOS app where the progress bar functioned as normal. There was a new update only a few hours ago, it is that update where the progress bar isn't working.

When you are both using the latest update from the App Store, please take a look, the progress bar is missing. And for your information I have rebooted my phone, deleted the app and reinstalled it.

The problem still remains.


I just downloaded that update, to see what the problem was. I have the problem now.


I also noticed the issue when my phone auto-updated the app. Is it doing it on androids or just iDevices?


Working for me, too.


I have the same problem on my iPad. Switched off and on again but still no progress bar. :-(


Still broken!


Just updated today; green progress bar not working on either iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s, on either 'A' or 'B' test version (i.e. on neither the version with Lingots or the version with Gems)

Please fix the progress bar Duo


My app has been updated at least twice in the past 48 hours: first with the health/gems feature and then to change prices.

I still have the green bar, at least for strengthening sessions (I'm locked out of "lessons" at the moment or I'd check there, too).

Sounds like an A/B test.


Me too not working

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