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  5. "Kamera yangu ni nzuri"

"Kamera yangu ni nzuri"

Translation:My camera is good

April 27, 2017


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Nzuri translates as nice and good. Why is the translation "My camera is nice" wrong but the translation "My camera is good" correct?

April 27, 2017


Most sentences don't have all the possible correct answers yet. If you think yours is right, but is marked wrong, report it. It'll probably take a while before any new additions or corrections are made as the team are busy with real world stuff, but they should get to it eventually.

April 27, 2017


My camera is beautiful

June 19, 2017


"My camera is beauty"

August 15, 2017


"My camera is good" would be correct. "Beauty" is a noun, so "My camera is beauty" is some sort of philosophical puzzle.

December 21, 2017
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