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Questions about mobile vs stabile (Web) version of Duolingo

I don't have a smartphone, so I cannot see any of these new things on the mobile version of Duolingo for myself, and I want to ask some clarification.

On a different thread about the changes to the mobile version, one fellow user remarked that the new health-feature doesn't appear when "you are practicing skills" and "you still earn silly gems for completing your daily goal".

When you say "practicing skills" -- do you mean repeating lessons in gilded skills and/or selecting "Strengthen [skill-name]" in a gilded skill?

And the daily goal -- you mean earning XP points? You get gems for earning XP points in the mobile version? I don't quite follow. In the stabile version, you don't get lingots for XP points. You get them for maintaining streaks, for winning wagers, for completing skills (units), and for rising in level. None of these are daily goals.

Clarification would be appreciated. Peace!

April 27, 2017



If you are not using iOS you should be fine :)

Everything I have been talking about is in reference to using the Duolingo app on iPad.

By daily goal I mean the goal that you set for yourself, such as 10XP/day up to 50XP/day. And yes, by 'practising skills' I mean strengthening skills. But as I mentioned, if you are not using iOS none of this should affect you.

I hope this helps/


I know this doesn't affect me! :-D But I am trying to understand it because (1) I am a curious cat, and (2) this might migrate to the Web.

So if you run out of health bars, you can strengthen gilded skills, but you can't work on any new skills?

And what are the hearts?


If you run out of health bars, I think you can strengthen any skill you want, gilded or not. If you let Duolingo pick what to strengthen, you can get one health bar back per strengthening session. If you pick yourself, you don't get the health bar. If you're out of health, I don't think you can do any lessons, new or repeat. (although for repeating lessons in completed skills, this is a obviously a limited problem, as you could strengthen)

I think references to hearts concern a melange of prior versions of implemented and tested systems, and are mostly (i.e. you might still see them doing quiz outs, but that's it) irrelevant to the new health system.

And if you meet your daily XP goal, you get to choose from three chests, which contain, I guess, different numbers of gems. For instance, yesterday, I got 30. I read of somebody else getting 10. I don't have any idea as yet how many gems are awarded for finishing lessons, leveling up, etc.


If you let Duolingo pick what to strengthen, you can get one health bar back per strengthening session. If you pick yourself, you don't get the health bar.

Do you mean we only earn health for using the general strengthening button? That sounds terrible. I'd rather practise areas I'm weak at than "El hombre come pan" which is the level most sentences in the general strengthening were when I last used it several months ago.


You can earn health by waiting for it to fill up, by doing a practice session, or by buying it with gems. This does not affect the web version, however. So if you run out of health on the app, you could just go to the web and keep learning. I prefer to learn new skills on the web because of this - there is no limit to the errors I can make. I use the app to practice lessons I have already passed. If I find myself messing up a lot in a lesson then I will go back to the web to read the lesson notes and do a couple rounds there. And if you are out of health, you can continue to strengthen (repeat) previous skills.


I am seeing this a lot, that people who use the mobile app are migrating over to the stabile version or using it conjunction with the mobile version to get more opportunity for practice and learning. That seems really like a huge step backward for Duolingo.


I think in common Duolingo parlance "lesson" refers to the parts of a "skill" that introduce the new vocab. A skill 1-10ish lessons and a strengthening option. With the health system, the strengthen option is available as before, but all the "lessons" are subject to the health system, whether the skill in which they are in has been completed or not.

Granted, the distinction between these lessons and the strengthening is not as great on the app as it is on the web.


Do you mean we only earn health for using the general strengthening button?

Yes, save waiting five hours per single error or buying/using gems. And the general strengthening is moved to a separate Heath interface (before, there were three or four icons at the bottom of the screen: tree, clubs, lingot store, and maybe bots; health becomes the fourth or fifth).


Its basically a 5 heart system on the IOS iPad app. If you lose all of the hearts, you can either practice to get one (and get a skill up if it's down), or wait 5 hours for a another heart.

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