[Missing - new site] No review of answers is presented after timed re-enforcement execise

I am one of those that are that is on the new Duolingo site. One of the things that is missing after a timed re-enforcement is the button that would let you review your answers. Since we are running against time, I often do not pay attention to the error and move on. At the end of the re-enforcement session, I would go back and examine my answers and the correct answers. Now this important feature is missing on the new site.

I actually would love is this option was present in timed and un-timed sessions alike but for now, I'll be happy to get back to what was already available. In the site re-write this feature seems to have dropped of and it is an important one.

April 27, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I was just coming to the forums to report the same thing. I too used the sentence review after timed practice to study what I missed, but it seems to have disappeared since my account has been moved to the new code. I hope this feature will return, but there are a lot of things I hope will return, eventually.

    Things I've lost with the new code: Friends, activity stream, notifications, communication. Things I've gained: Easier lessons and unrelated advertisements. And so far, no increase in speed.

    April 27, 2017

    Yes, I am hoping that some of the features will come back and in fact there will be an improvement.

    For example, how much I wished to be able to jump from that review screen to the discussions for each question. Such as simple thing that does not require much programming but could enhance the life of the learner so much. I also would like to be able to be able to report an error or suggest a translation from that screen as well. As a software engineer myself these are not big feature development.

    I agree, at some point Duolingo should start adding useful features as it transition to paid/adware model and not just remove stuff. For people to stick around with ads there has to be a perceived value and recent changes might have improved the site technically but has decreased the perceived value.

    April 27, 2017
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