This will be very helpful. I always located the latest WIU by looking on jitengore's stream, but now this is no longer possible, and the forum search feature is useless for differentiating scores of posts with very similar titles.
I was considering leaving him a message somewhere suggesting that he post a link (maybe in the form of a tinyurl) to the most recent update somewhere in his profile information so people can find it.

April 27, 2017

the forum search feature is useless for differentiating scores of posts with very similar titles.

here an example of search entry that does let you find the WIU you want.
If you search for

own && progress && 2017 && "to April 16th"

(respecting the logical connectors and the quote marks) in the forum search engine, you'll find the last WIU (it's currently the only return to that exact query).
For the next ones (or a specific past one) just replace the characters April 16th (and, in 8 months, also 2017) by the ones corresponding to the last WIU.

April 27, 2017

That's fine if you know the exact date. However, he doesn't always post them on the same day; there's no way to find the latest one (or even find out if there's a new one) without trying every possible date (the 'new' tab is also useless).

One elegant solution would simply be to sticky the latest WIU (unstickying the old ones whenever a new one is released). I know that Duolingo staff really hate to sticky anything, however...

April 28, 2017

That's fine if you know the exact date.

Well, I didn't before looking for it and it wasn't long to find it. ;)

he doesn't always post them on the same day

it's most of the times a Sunday, otherwise generally either a Saturday or a Monday. So testing 9 searches and you'll almost always have the last one (as there are very rarely period longer than 3 weeks without a new WIU).
I honestly (and personally) don't find it that long to make 9 searches (with only one date to change between each).

If it goes for a sticky, then IMO it would be more elegant to

  1. Jitengore creates (and close) one general WIU discussion in which it'd list the last one (no need of more than the last one has links to previous ones), that staff stickies
  2. Each time Jitengore release a new WIU, they
    1. unlock the general one
    2. change the link to last one
    3. lock back the general one

I find it more elegant because:

  1. less sticky/unsticky actions (staff, but also part of users, don't like it)
  2. unstickying the previous one and stickying the new one each time, needs staff as only staff can sticky on the General forums (at least those for the 6 first languages), hence risks to often not be done (or weeks later).
  3. changing the sticky one will disperse the upvotes while only one will concentrate them (hence the post will one day also be on top of "All time Popular"
April 28, 2017

You make a convincing argument. I wasn't sure whether or not moderators could sticky, but if they can't, a single post is obviously better.

But something really should be stickied, or lots of people won't be able to find the latest WIUs. Even this post is practically buried by now. And the progress of courses in the incubator showcases the best of Duolingo's vision—it deserves a sticky.

April 28, 2017

I agree. I had to make a thread asking for people to point me to the newest WIU thread...

October 14, 2017

the newest WIU thread...

@Melarish, I recommend to use the userscript shared here. It reorganizes the menu to switch between courses and includes at the bottom of it a link to the last WIU. You'll never have to look for it.

N.B.: Since Duolingo's website isn't "uniform" (the forums are under an older version than the rest), the userscript works on pages that are under the "new" version of the website (mostly everything except forums).

October 14, 2017
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2017, by calendar week number - history

51 : 2017/12/24
50 : 2017/12/17
49 : 2017/12/10
48 : 2017/12/03
47 : 2017/11/26
46 : 2017/11/19
45 : 2017/11/13
44 : 2017/11/05
43 : 2017/10/29
42 : 2017/10/22
41 : 2017/10/15
40 : 2017/10/08
39 : 2017/10/01
38 : 2017/09/25
37 : 2017/09/17
36 : 2017/09/10
35 : 2017/09/03
34 : 2017/08/27
33 : 2017/08/20
32 : 2017/08/13
31 : 2017/07/30
30 : 2017/07/23
29 : 2017/07/23
28 : 2017/07/16
27 : 2017/07/09
26 : 2017/07/02
25 : 2017/06/25
24 : 2017/06/18
23 : 2017/06/11
22 : 2017/06/04
21 : 2017/05/28
20 : 2017/05/21

May 13, 2017

Number 52 can be found here:

May 13, 2019
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Duolingo Wiki Quick links

wiki course list || Wiki about Clubs ||

November 5, 2017

Hello everyone, I've been making a compilation of the Incubator Summary posts, which can be found here:

I've been making this compilation so that people can read through multiple summaries without having to open them in separate tabs.

Anyone is welcome to help me develop this compilation! If you would like to help edit this page, send me a PM or a modmail to /r/The_Necromancer10, and when doing so, please include your Duolingo username.

May 12, 2019

I thought the point was to inform people so they would not have to ask questions themselves, so why lock the discussions? Locking just means people will have to fill forum up asking why courses haven't been released. Banning us from commenting seems pointless to me.

December 17, 2017

Why are we not allowed to comment on the weekly updates? Back then when jitengore was making similar weekly updates, there were always interesting discussions in the comments.

April 14, 2019
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Replying to this, is wearing with weight upon me.

I wish to give you the heads up that I have read this.

Though today has been a tiring day for me. A physically tiring day. And I have carried this question along with me today.

I am a volunteer here. As is the most amazing Jrikhal.
As a volunteer, I give to this community the best of my resources that I am able. For I have belief in the value of community. And in the Manifesto of Duolingo.

You do know you have full rights to each week post your own review of Duolingo issues, including the Weekly Incubator Summary (WIS) (WIU). So please do feel free to post an independent discussion up to allow discussion on this issue.

Yet bear in mind the WIS is just a minor indication of the work that is being done in Duolingo. Both by volunteers and by Duolingo.

Have you read about :

Have you checked out the resources that are being released in initial development in , or ?

It all depends also what you are here for. The purpose of Duolingo is for providing personalized education, with the goal "to give everyone access to a private tutor experience through technology." "Making learning fun." And "so that everyone could have a chance. Free language education – no hidden fees, no premium content, just free."

I do encourage you to create a post to discuss the small fraction of progress of brand new language courses as they proceed through the incubator.

Thank you for choosing to not comment in this post about the details (have a discussion here) of a specific weekly update. For if that was to occur on a larger basis, it may be that consideration will need to be given to lock this post. Or for this reference post to be abandoned. Which I would be sad about.

Thank you Nibeh for the interest and energy you are showing in Duolingo developments. And I look forward to continue to see your valued passionate engagement in all sorts of aspects of our community.

April 15, 2019

Um, how does that answer Nibeh's question?

May 8, 2019

Hi all,

if you want a "one-click" access to the last WIU, without having to looking for it, you may be interested by the (last version) of this userscript which includes a link to the last WIU (automatically retrieved by the script).

June 22, 2017

This is marvellous.

Thank you

April 27, 2017

This will be very useful -- thanks Linda! :-)

April 27, 2017

Does anyone know anything about the state of Arabic from English that I may have missed? I just started following these updates when Arabic entered the Incubator, so I don't know if it's normal or not for a language to sit at 0% completion for so long. Are they waiting to hire someone? Technical difficulties?

I'm not trying to criticize the Duo staff or course contributors, I'm simply curious!

February 19, 2018

Are they waiting to hire someone?

Don't know if they are waiting for that but they are looking for such person.

February 19, 2018

Is there something similar to this, but for the discussions for the Weekly Incubator Updates? I always have trouble finding the discussions.

May 13, 2019

It's been a while since the last weekly incubator update. I'm kind of curious if the changes that made this post necessary are also causing problems with Jitengore's ability to track the messages he was using to create the updates.

May 7, 2017

If you refer to the messages left by contributors and that jitengore is copy-pasting then I don't think it has something to do as those messages are still there, at the same place and under the same format. They are on the incubator's page of each course and those pages didn't changed at all, the incubator isn't impacted by the revamp of the (main) website.
So jitengore can still access to them as before.

May 9, 2017

When it comes to replicating the WIU, the tricky part is to collect the correct percent completion numbers. It seems that there are three main groups of courses: (1) those that openly say how done they are in their frequent public status posts, (2) those for which the course summary page % done is used (which matches the "inspect element" of the main "Course Progress" bar displayed on the course status page, good to know for courses without monuments), and (3) those for which the completed words:total words ratio (matching the "inspect element" of the main "Complete all words" bar displayed on the course status page) is used. I would certainly say use method (1) if available. Beyond that, there will not be a universally acceptable choice between (2) and (3), and if the course has only a stump of a tree with a misleadingly low total word count, no reasonably accurate method exists without self reporting or additional assumptions and arithmetic.

May 11, 2017

Personally, I wouldn't give any credit to those %age except if they are some RECENT manually computed by the volunteers. ;)

May 11, 2017

It would be very kind of each team to publicly state and update their total word count target. Then any user able to do division can figure out a value as accurate as anything the course moderator can produce.

ETA: When the user knows more than the team early on, use the average number of words in a course. Using a 2000 word total with the then-current words completed for the courses starting from scratch will beat the pants off almost any number produced by Duolingo for those courses automatically.

May 11, 2017

Not sure all teams know that at the beginning (when discovering how the incubator works) nor, probably, before being around the half of (what will be, but they don't yet know) their final tree.
But, as soon as they know, yes it could be good to do so if they could.

May 11, 2017
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This is a good question. Thank you for it.

The time was right recently to create it as a post of its own, I felt. And that at the same time it would be of use for people to locate the informative updates that Jitengore has been producing.

I have been way laid with commitments for the team I am working with, and have not given this the focus that I know it deserves.

Jitengore, I can reassure you, is continuing to be active. And that at 11:38 pm Sunday, 7 May 2017 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) there has been no Incubator update post since April 8th to April 16th.

Thank you also for your patience as we go through this time.

May 7, 2017

I've also noticed that Jitengore has been active on Duolingo, but I wouldn't be surprised if the recent changes caused them to become disheartened and lose their interest in tracking the courses. Or maybe they are just too busy to continue with this right now.

May 8, 2017
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2018, by calendar week number - history

52 16/6h
51 36/1d;40/2d

50 2/1hr;34/2d*
49 2/1hr;21/8hr;31/21hr;P40/1d;45/1w
48 4/2hrs;36/1day;42/1wk
47 9/9;22/11;
46 11/5;33/20;42/1d;42/3d
45: 9/7;23/15;39/2d;
44 : 37
43 : 35
42 : 2018/10/21 18
41 : 2018/10/14
40 : 2018/10/07
39 : 2018/09/30
38 : 2018/09/23
37 : 2018/09/16
36 : 2018/09/09
35 : 2018/09/02
34 : 2018/08/26
33 : 2018/08/19
32 : 2018/08/12
31 : 2018/08/05
30 : 2018/07/29
29 : 2018/07/22
28 : 2018/07/15
27 : 2018/07/08
26 : 2018/07/01
25 : 2018/06/24
24 : 2018/06/10
23 : 2018/06/10
22 : 2018/06/03
21 : 2018/05/27
20 : 2018/05/20
19 : 2018/05/13
18 : 2018/05/06
17 : 2018/04/29
16 : 2018/04/22
15 : 2018/04/15
14 : 2018/04/08
13 : 2018/04/02
12 : 2018/03/25
11 : 2018/03/18
10 : 2018/03/11
9 : 2018/03/04
8 : 2018/02/26
7 : 2018/02/18
6 : 2018/02/11
5 : 2018/02/04
4 : 2018/01/29
3 : 2018/01/21
2 : 2018/01/14
1 : 2018/01/07

2017 :$comment_id=22602480
2016 and earlier :$comment_id=24073591

January 7, 2018

Thank you for posting these, Linda!

January 7, 2018
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Tinycards resources:

For Tinycards through an internet browser, click here

There is also a Tinycards facebook page here where they release news concerning Tinycards.

For Google+, here is worth checking out.

For the android app, for android applications, of course check out google play

For Apple iOS app, click here

The discussion introducing Tinycards, which has lots of information in it, check here

Insights from Tinycards to Help you Achieve Flashcard Fame

help information on Tinycards

You can also follow on Twitter to get the latest news and awesome decks -- just follow @tinycardsapp

Off topic, did you know that there is also an open source duolingo app from Amazon, click here

January 31, 2018

Now that the update graphs and discussions aren't in the same thread, why not link to both? For example, both and . :)

July 12, 2018
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They are separate as they are done by different people.

July 12, 2018

Yeah, I wasn't talking about whether or not they're both done by the same people, just whether or not it would be handy to link to both of them . :)

July 23, 2018

That's awesome!

April 27, 2017

About this:

"19 July at 17:51 Everyone knows the Taj Mahal. But what about the Hawa Mahal and the Lotus Temple?"

If this is a new deck, what's the name so I can look it up on Tinycards? :)

July 23, 2018
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July 29, 2018

Thanks! :)

August 8, 2018

I don't know where I can see whether these courses would already be in development, but I would like to upvote any requests for Latin and Thai, if that is possible. Is there an official way I can go about that?

December 24, 2018
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Hi there :)
Yes , I also agree that it would be great to see Latin. And also to some Aboriginal languages up on Duolingo.
And as well, an "Ancient Greek Course", for those that are fascinated and seeking to read source historical documents. We do have a modern Greek course, which is of assistance in understanding a fair bit of ancient Greek, as unlike English, if you are fluent in Modern Greek, it is I am told much easier to read texts from history written in Ancient Greek.

Ok - getting off point. Please take the time to read : [GUIDE] I would like a new course: What should I do? . It will give you the information you are after.

December 24, 2018
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