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  5. "Wollt ihr daran teilnehmen?"

"Wollt ihr daran teilnehmen?"

Translation:Do you want to participate in that?

March 17, 2014



Can someone explain "daran"? The hints suggest that it means "about it/them" or "on it/them", but those meanings don't make sense in any of the sentences where it's come up.

May 22, 2014


Daran, damit, dazu, daraus, etc are used when a preposition (an, mit, zu, aus) refers to an inanimate object (the 'da' part of the word). If the preposition begins with a vowel, then prefix it with 'dar' instead of 'da'.

September 20, 2014


da prepositions are used for 'stand-ins'. E.g. in english:

Where is the dog? You see that door? the dog is behind it.

'it' here is the stand-in for 'door'.

In german, you'd think that this would logically translate to:

Wo ist der Hund? Siehst du den Tür an? der Hund ist hinter es.

'es' being the stand-in, but german uses da-prepositions for stand-ins, so you'd say:

Wo ist der Hund? Siehst du den Tür an? der Hund ist dahinter.

This is a very useful article on it - https://yourdailygerman.com/2012/06/19/da-words-meaning-german/

June 8, 2016


@Siddhartha: May I correct your german sentences : Wo ist der Hund? Siehst du diese Tür? Der Hund ist dahinter.

March 9, 2019


I think of it as meaning "therein" or "thereof" or "thereupon". That makes for some rather formal sounding translations, but it seems to fit in terms of general meaning.

August 8, 2014


It's just one of those things that irritate me about learning adverbs.

July 25, 2014


Every single time the answer is "do you want", I type "would you like", and every time it is marked wrong. Disadvantage to being raised as a polite Canadian...

October 5, 2014


"Do you want to participate in it?"


March 17, 2014



March 17, 2014


Is there anything wrong with "Would you like to participate in it?"

July 19, 2014


I wrote "do you want to participate on it", as in "on" a project, team, etc. Any grammatical reason that was marked incorrect?

August 20, 2014


What's wrong with: "do you want to be part of it?"

August 4, 2014


"Wollt ihr im es teilnehmen" be right?

May 16, 2017


    No. The phrase is an etw. teilnehmen.

    July 16, 2017

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