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Attn Staff: "Health" a disaster for Alpha, Beta testers. :(

At the Alpha/Beta stages, courses are full of errors not originating with the testers. Forum feedback from alpha/bet course testers: This is critically frustrating our attempts to test these courses. (For some, they have had to stop.)

In the case of courses in Alpha and Beta, it makes sense to exempt them from this a/b "Health" feature.

I don't know if a/b tests can be applied based on the phase of a course, or if they are only available as a global change for the accounts selected. If the latter, it is something to consider for The List.

Duolingo is an innovator. This won't be the only time a feature intended for full release courses would be a disaster for courses that have yet to reach that stage. So, this matter is well worth consideration.

Thank you! :)

April 27, 2017



We'll take care of this. Thanks for letting us know!


Thx for answering, Luis!


I look forward to alpha testing without it. It has slowed me down so much.


Many thanks Luis and Team! :)


Thanks. This has been a real pain and has kept me from bothering lessons for the past few days. Between errors in the course, typos, and the way duolingo asks you to infer translations, all your lives may be gone in one lesson. It makes it pretty hard to give feedback on an alpha course if you can't work through it at a steady pace.


Rarely been this glad to be proven wrong... B-)

I still think moderators should have some better way to communicate with you guys (than what is described in this thread) though.


Good point!

(Is this really the forum (pardon the pun :-) ) for this, though? Staff doesn't seem to hang around here much. You, as a moderator, surely have better (or at least other) channels of communication with staff?)


The forums are the best place for folks to make most kinds of suggestions. My theory is that a single issue post, written in a persuasive, yet concise manner, supported by the community, can stand out in a deluge.


Duolingo is an innovator. This won't be the only time a feature intended for full release courses would be a disaster for courses that have yet to reach that stage.

They are not just not just the errors that are being bitterly complained of, but the health feature in and of itself.


Thank you for this post. As a dedicated user of the GuaranĂ­ tree, that tree, um, well let's just say, absolutely needs to be exempt from the health system :)


There are a lot of other trees that need to be exempt from the system, too, such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Irish, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Hebrew, Esperanto, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Welsh, Catalan, and Greek.


Absolutely. I hope to contribute reports of the inconsistencies and problems as I go, but brother, if this were subject to health bars and 5 hour refills, I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.


This A/B testing is a royal pain in the proverbial.

I use 3 ways to access Duo depending on the situation - iPad, Android Phone, and PC/Web Browser. It's disturbing to be told on the one hand that your lingots are now gems (which I note one has to pay for in future), then next day to log in on the we and still have lingots in your account... what? Also some new Health thing popped up on the pad yesterday with no explanation - just a "got it" box I had to click - I've no clue what I was clicking "got it" for as there was nothing to explain this feature.

All that said, I'm still a solid Duo fan ;)


I had to be realistic in what I asked for. Duolingo will carry out the A/B test. But, they won't get the data they want from courses in alpha/beta. So, I limited my ask to something I believed was more achievable. :)


So much agreement. It also just makes zero sense for more complex languages. Not everything is as simple as the Spanish course. It has been making alpha testing Japanese a lot less interesting and much slower than it needs to be.

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