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"Rezultatul experimentului este amar."

Translation:The result of the experiment is bitter.

April 27, 2017



Was this experiment conducted in a micro-brewery?


Makes no sense. How can the result of an experiment be a taste. Or does this translate to something like 'the results were negative/inconclusive'?


Just like in English, it has a negative or unpleasant meaning. I don't think it refers to its taste.


why not? they may try to produce sweedish bitter or something, hehe :P


I don't think 'amar' is used in practice with that meaning


Even in English I think "___ is bitter" is used for something other than tastes.

For example - using search engine I find "Bitter Justice", "Telltale signs of a bitter person", "48 bible versus about bitterness", "Bitter truth", an article about how Angela Merkel suffered a 'bitter day' of election results .. oh, and a person named "Sara Bitter"

In other words, in English the word "Bitter" has a meaning that has nothing to do with taste, but events or other things that aren't pleasant.


Sau,-mai general-:Produsul experimentului este amar..


Amar means "to love" in Portuguese xD

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